Flexible tubular heaters

The flexible tubular heater GC-flex is available in numerous dimensions with short delivery time from stock.

Standard designs

GC-flex standard, available from stock

• Cross section, length, power, connection type according to table (see page 29)

• Connection voltage: 230V

• Connection types

M3 (threaded pins)

M4 (threaded pins)

• For protection during transport as well as the installation phase. The GC-flex comes ex works with protective cap delivered

Possible connection versions

• Threaded pin M3 / M4

• Wire with outside stop

• Litz reduced

• With GC-flex-iso - ceramic terminal

The GC-flex D-shape is the best GC-flex for round grooves. The combination of round and angular

shape is

reaches the largest possible contact surface on the tool to be heated. That means for your application:

• Optimized heat output

• Heating time and energy savings

• Longer life when installed with the GC-flex tool set

• A contact area of 72% (about 44% higher than with a comparable round tubular heater)

The contact surface with the Tool is facing a conventional round Radiators about 44% elevated.