Insulation sleeves

The covers / blankets HMP insulating material are manufactured with the highest quality, tailored to your needs. Offering a great saving of electricity, more security for its staff and air conditioning savings in your factory

Why install covers / insulation blankets HMP?

- Saving 25% to 40% on their electricity bills.

- Easy to install in just a minute.

- Improves workplace safety of its employees.

- Amortization in a maximum of 6 or 7 months.

- Prolongs heaters life.

- Improves the quality of molded parts.

- Reduces air conditioning cost of the plant.

- Easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance.

- Faster machine start.


Machined on CNC lathe with automatic advance.

CNC machining center for complex parts, short, medium and long series.

Manufacture in all type of piece in special steels, bronze, polioreta-no, nylon and PVC. Budget without commitment in 24 hours. We work with plans, samples or if you need it in our technical office we can collaborate with the design